Raging like a battered hornet’s nest of furious riffs, kinetic punk beats, and killer lyrics this debut from Connecticut’s Peg Bundy pummels the listener with four distinctly different tracks in just five minutes and features a tripped out mixed-media collage album cover displaying evil, insanity, liquor, and industry with a hand scrawled logo that aligns this band more with the infamous serial killer Bundy than with the redheaded wife of Al the shoe salesman.

index     Opening track “Sweat Machine” is a morbid tale of a Catholic luncheon with the devil, whereupon our protagonist is poisoned with dessert, drugged, and then roasted alive. I can’t make this up, but vocalist Kevin MF King (ex-Intercourse) delivers these ravings like a maniac. My personal favorite, “Pin Cushion” offers the psychotic’s perspective in that an “Icepick is the perfect murder weapon, there’s no prints when it melts”, and this is all after having “medicine in the dessert”!

Diverse in it’s delivery and on-point throughout, King is the only performer on the recording. His tight drumming propels the obscene guitar licks into a hyper-driven rage fans of Child Bite and Black Flag will drool over, while the bass lines keep the groove tight and punchy even when chaos ensues. Evenly paced and versatile, this creative albeit short release even offers up some stoned tones that recall northwestern grunge pioneers TAD or even Clutch at their dirtier moments. It seems there’s some “medicine in the dessert” already!

Peg Bundy EP is available here.