Possessing an unrelenting intensity and ferocious texture that is missing from most industrial and extreme metal groups, Oakland’s industrial power-violence duo Genocide Skin are currently slaying the west coast with performances through mid-October to promote their killer debut album out now on Vigilance Records and available via Genocide Skin’s bandcamp.

Lead-off track “Enter!” seethes with an eerie intensity, sounding like a glitching synth module controlled by some unearthly force planning to disconnect any preconceived notions right from the outset. Guitarist/programmer/vocalist Rude Pina (ex-Cyanic) asserts authority immediately on the following track “Revolutionary Suicide”, as his 8-string guitar delivers a thunderous metallic kick to the gut, chugging and riffing across the slamming percussive precision of Pej Mon (Ghoul, Satya Sena, ex-Secret Chiefs 3). Displaying intense time changes, blinding blast patterns, intricate cymbal work, and an undeniable sense of slamming groove throughout, Pej Mon outpaces most of his extreme drumming peers in both style and technical ability.


Pina’s vocal delivery is at times reminiscent of Nailbomb-era Max Cavalera and early Killing Joke while also dealing in death growls, while drummer Pej Mon’s shouted responses add to the overall fullness of the recording and amplifies the impact of Pina’s lines. Lyrically this band fully embraces their album’s title. Genocide Skin is clearly against cultural programming, government control, and societal oppression, with this release becoming a call-to-action of self-realization that many societal and political issues are constructed to control mass opinion and propagate enemies for nefarious gain. On the track, “Islamic War Machine” the band opines, “Start by funding the leadership, train and create your own enemy” and that “Humanity is greater than politics” clearly describing the modern war machine and the disconnection of elected leaders to the very people they are to represent.

fullsizerender37Aesthetically speaking, this duo has no peers, from conjuring Ministry style echoing vocal diatribes to modulated barks of self-actualization while easily shifting from full throttle arena death mosh to blackened, doomed out heavy nod riffs, carefully interwoven within synth swells and squalls, overall taking the presentation and tone to the next level. This is especially evident in the track “Lewd Axe”, a pounding groove laden gallop, right up to the lyric, “Kill what’s within, destroy our hate”, wherein the band slows to a menacing crawl and levels the listener with the statement “Mankind…..Destruction….” Genocide Skin is against oppressive control mechanisms and hopes we all come to these realizations as well, before we destroy ourselves.

  • Oct 8-Portland OR@High Water Mark
  • Oct 9-Tacoma WA@Real Art Tacoma
  • Oct 10-Bellingham WA@The Shakedown
  • Oct 11-Eugene OR@Old Nick’s Pub
  • Oct 12-Los Osos CA@Sweet Springs Saloon
  • Oct 13-Los Angeles CA@The Lexington
  • Oct 14-San Diego CA@Til-Two Club
  • Oct 15-Long Beach CA@The Forest
  • Oct 21-Oakland CA@The Golden Bull (Official Album Release Party)